Meet Your New Best Friend—The Breath

In my many years of working as a psychiatrist I have learned that the breath is the most potent weapond and medicine against any physical, mental, or energetic illness.

“And God breathed into man, the breath of life, and man became a living being”

Breath is life. It was the first thing we did after being born, and the last thing we’ll do before leaving our body. It is our faithful companion and best friend throughout this incarnation. It is our constant reminder that we are grateful to be alive, and that life is a gift. Breath is the purest form of free energy on planet Earth, and it is abundant, accessible, and a high vibration frequency which ancient, wise sages of the past called prana, life force, energy, chi, and in Hebrew as quoted in the Bible verse above, Ruach (Breath) which translates into Spirit. If One is able to learn how to consciously work with this amazing Spirit Friend and technology, there is nothing in the world that is impossible. First, you will overcome fear, anxiety, depression, ancestral karma, then even death. Once the physical body is cleansed through conscious breathing, the emotional/mental body will be integrated, so that the energetic/spiritual body can shine it’s light thus activating the bliss body which is every person’s birth right. I hope your ready for this beautiful journey into the breath of life! In my years working as a psychiatrist I have learned that breath is the most potent weapon and medicine against any physical, mental, or energetic illness. And may I repeat, it is abundant, free, right under your nose, and waiting to heal as instructed with conscious awareness and direction.

We will start by exploring how the breath can cleanse the physical body. The body is a highly connected, intelligent, mathematical, network of communicating cells, neurons, tissues, and organs, which serve as a vessel of pure Divine intelligence. And that intelligence and information is found in the breath. Everything is energy including our physical bodies. Our body at anytime vibrates to the electromagnetic frequency of the emotions that our heart center is emitting. Thus, emotion = energy in motion. Trauma, or unexpressed emotions are stored in our physical bodies as low vibration emotions such as guilt, shame or fear. For example, when we were younger, and our throat energy center wanted to express a melodic tone, but we were shushed by our mother, that energy was stored in the body as unexpressed emotion. Another example is with people who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For example, Navy Seals who witnessed the death of close beloved friends in combat and received a highly charged emotional shock to the system can store this experience in the body as trauma. The higher the emotional charge, the greater the memory of the trauma. Around this trauma are stored low vibration emotions such as guilt, shame, or fear. The physical body stores this trauma in the spine, muscles, fascia, the cellular memory, etc. In this example, the Navy Seal after being trained in boot camp to suppress and repress rather than express the emotions associated with this trauma store the experience and associated emotions into the physical body. Thus, the trauma and low vibration emotions associated with the trauma are stored in the body and in constant communication with the mind reminding it of the shock and emotions associated with the past trauma. Because the experiencer of the trauma never wants to re-experience the trauma again, they walk around in a state of constant sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight) activation, worried that the past trauma will happen again. At this point, the breath is following the mind. The breath will mirror the erratic, irrational, fearful rhythm of the thoughts of the mind. Thus the past trauma not only invades the present moment, but begins to determine the predictable future as one is constantly worried that the past trauma will happen again in the future thus fulfilling it’s prophecy and further ingraining the trauma into the physical. Throughout this whole process, One will find that the breath has been unconsciously being breathed to the rhythm of the conscious but mostly subconscious irrational thoughts which are unconsciously accepted as true. At any point, one can calm the mind, by returning to a steady, calm, slow, rhythmic breathing pattern and allowing the brain waves and mind to start following the conscious rhythm of the breath.

To clear the body of trauma on a physical level the breath can serve as a powerful tool. In fact, daily, consistent breath work is the best medicine for PTSD. The breath/prana/chi is a high vibration frequency. The law of entrainment states that as a high vibration frequency permeates a lower vibration frequency, that the lower vibration frequency or trauma will entrain to the higher vibration. Higher vibrations will entrain lower vibrations. Thus, the low vibration energies of guilt, shame, fear, associated with the trauma will often spontaneously release, and flow out of the body during a conscious breathwork session. Thus, the physical body releases its stored traumas and lower vibration emotions are entrained, and the physical body starts becoming cleansed into its original Divine blueprint of a body designed of pure energy also known as prana, life force or the breath. Transformational breath as well as the three part breath are two powerful breath work sequences that can start cleansing the physical body’s traumas and entraining lower vibration emotions. (Please see end of article for instructions on the breath work).

You see, the breath will either follow the mind, or the mind will follow the breath. The goal is to have the breath lead the way. You will never find anyone who is anxious, breathing “normally.” You will never find anyone who is angry breathing normally. This is because the breath rate, and rhythm, is intimately connected to the rate and rhythm of the brain waves. When the breath is leading the way, we breathe at a rate of 4-6 breaths/minute compared to the average human who breaths 16-20 breaths/minute. Calm, slow, steady, quiet, and rhythmic inhale associated with a similar effortless release of the diaphragm which signifies the beginning of the exhale. As the breath starts to rhythmically breathe itself to a consistent pattern and rate, this entrains the brain waves to start mirroring the respiratory cycle. The brain waves become calm, rhythmic, slow and start entering brain wave states such as alpha where we can concentrate and focus on any creative project at hand or sink into the subtleties of the present moment.

The Universe communicates with you through your brain waves. Thus, when the brain waves are calm and relaxed through the breath the Universe can send you epiphanies and revelations through your crown chakra as you are open, suggestible, and relaxed. Think of it as when the breath is relaxed, the bandwidth of the mind increases and is open to epiphanic downloads from the Universe. When we are in beta brain waves, on the go, the sympathetic nervous system is activated (reactionary state of being), the Universe is not able to send you the messages you need in the moment because we are often running on subconscious programming and conditioning based upon past memories and experiences. In fact, by the age of 35, 95% of all a human does is based on routine subconscious programming. When the breath, thus the brain waves are relaxed to a slow, calm, rhythm, theta brain waves start to occur frequently. In this brain wave state, we are open, suggestible and calm and can start approaching, releasing, reprogramming, reframing, or deleting old subconscious programming/trauma, conditioning, and outdated belief systems which no longer serves our emotional mental health. If the breath/brain waves are not relaxed, most traumas can not even be approached due to the fear surrounding the past event. So the key becomes at any given point, to surrender to the beauty of the present moment, and watch the movement of Spirit (breath) within the body by returning One’s attention to the breath. Thus as we start to breath at a rhythmic, relaxed, breath rate, the mind will relax into the present moment, where the magic of the Universe is constantly happening. There is no anxiety (when the mind is worried about the future), depression( when the mind is regretting a past event) or trauma that can be present when we are flowing in a rhythmic, relaxed, continuous breath pattern. Box breathing and 4/7/8 breathing are two examples of rhythmic breaths that can be practiced to calm the emotional/mental mind, and enter into the beauty of the present moment.

Breath can sometimes be referred to as the chord that ties the flesh to the soul. Imagine a silver chord entering through your crown chakra or top of your head. It first enters into your spiritual/energetic body, then the mental/emotional body, then the physical body as it connects the soul to the mind to the body into one being. All ancient cultures knew that the breath is Spirit. In Hebrew, the word is Ruach which means Spirit. In the east the word is chi which means Spirit. In India, the word is prana which means Spirit or life force. All great Masters of the past have had an intimate relationship with Spirit or the breath. Written records indicate that before the Master teacher Jesus/Yeshua ascended, he breathed on his disciples and said, “receive the Holy Spirit.” It is also well documented that Jesus traveled through India and Nepal and was familiar with ancient breathing techniques. The great Master teacher Buddha sat under a tree and as he observed his breath, he found the enlightenment within himself as he merged with the breath and his Spirit. It is the unseen world that controls the seen world. However most of us live our lives focusing on what is seen, thus giving our attention and control to the things that are external rather than internal. Thus, we start believing the illusions of the seen world, including the need for more. Then we start to believe that we lack, which is the cause of all suffering. Right now there is a child in a third world country running around happy without a care in the world. She has nothing to her name but does not suffer because she does not know or think that she lacks. As we start becoming aware of the breath in our daily practices, we start becoming aware and in alignment with the laws of the unseen world as revealed to us through the breath/Spirit - abundance, peace, harmony, neutrality, and love. In the Spirit world, there is no lack, thus there is no suffering.

Modern science is finally starting to catch up to the truths that our ancestors inherently knew. Yes there are energetic freeways/pathways around our bodies called meridians. Energy can travel along these meridians and breath is key to cleansing these pathways. Kapalbhati is an ancient and beautiful pranayama practice that will work on the energetic meridians as well as the physical body and start cleansing the body of all impurities so that it can be a pure vessel of life force. (Please see below for description of Kapalbhati breath). As we engage in daily conscious breathwork, we will follow a course of cleansing and energizing our physical body, calming and reprogramming our mental/emotional body, and then awakening into our energetic/bliss body. Please consider making any one of the below breath practices a part of your daily life. I hope that they can serve as a tool to help you get in touch with your true Self which lies in your heart center. The breath will cleanse the physical body, quiet the mind, and open an eternal wellspring of beauty and life that springs forth from the heart. Quiet the mind through the breath and the heart will speak. Within it, you will find a Divine blueprint, a renewed purpose, and the entire Universe. With excitement and encouragement, I would like to introduce you to your new best friend….the Breath!

Breath Work Descriptions

For cleansing the physical/mental body:

Transformational Breath - While laying down on a flat surface, inhale through the mouth into the abdomen. As the breath enters into the abdomen, you will see the abdomen rise, then the breath will travel into the chest. After the chest rises, simply release the diaphragm, let go and relax into the exhale through the mouth. The inhale can be for 2 seconds and the exhale for 1 second. The breath is connected, continuous, with no breaks in-between inhale and exhales. Continue this breath sequence for 5 minute segments with 1 minute break in-between with an inspirational music playlist. After about 3-7 minutes of continuous breath, you will enter into a rhythmic breath and feel as if it is effortless as if the breath is breathing you. This is a powerful breath to cleanse the physical body, as well as enter into the subconscious mind and patterns. Practicing this breath 5-10 minutes a day in the morning can be a beneficial way to start the day.

3 part breath - It is practiced while lying down on a flat surface, with the hands relaxed at the side of the body or one hand on the belly, and one on the chest. It can be done through the nose or mouth. The inhale is split into two parts. The first inhale will be into the belly, then the second inhale into the chest. Thus, the first sniff or puff is into the belly, then sniff or puff into the abdomen. The exhale can be through the mouth or nose and is simply performed by letting go of the diaphragm, releasing effortlessly into the exhale. Continue to this breath to a rhythmic, continuous pattern with minimal pause between inhale, and exhale. This breath can be performed 5-20 minutes/day as with the transformational breath and has a similar effect.

To calm anxious thoughts and for relaxation:

Box breathing - There are four parts to the breath like a box has four sides. Inhale, hold (space between inhale/exhale), exhale, then hold the exhale out. Box breathing is a rhythmic breath to establish a calm, serene inner state of being. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, and hold the breath out for 5 seconds. Continue this rhythmic breathing for 3-10 minutes anytime you are anxious. You will soon enter into a state of calm, as the brain waves entrain to the rhythm of the breath. This breath can be performed anywhere, anytime. Navy Seals are taught this breath upon entering combat zones to stay calm. With practice, you’ll be able to enter into a calm brain wave state through this breath within seconds.

4/7/8 - This breath has been around for thousands of years. It is a simple breath that utilizes a 4 second inhale, hold the breath for 7 seconds, then an exhale for the count of 8 seconds. The longer exhale will calm the nervous system, and increase awareness into the subtle body. Continue this rhythmic breath pattern of 4/7/8 for 3 minutes then work up. This breath is a powerful tool for establishing inner peace, rhythm, and balance. Utilize it!

For cleansing the meridians, healing the gastrointestinal tract, and for spiritual awareness:

Kapalbhati breath - Translated into skull shine, or breath of glow. Master yogis have been quoted as stating 5 minutes of this breath a day is just as beneficial for you as an hour of asana yoga. Some yogis call this the cure all of all breath works. It is recommended to be practiced daily prior to eating. It is performed by sitting in rock or easy pose. Hands can be placed in gyan mudra (index and thumbs fingers connected) and resting comfortably on the knees. This breath will focus solely on a forceful, controlled exhale to an average of approximately 1 breath/second. The inhale will be passive and natural and no attention or focus need to be made on the inhale. Simply exhale forcefully 1x/second continuously. It is recommended this breath be eased into with a set of 30-100 breaths, gradually working up to 5-20 minutes/day. Please youtube: kapalbhati pranayama for more specific instructions. This breath can change your energy, consciousness, awareness, day, and life if practiced faithfully.

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