A Spiritual Approach to Mental Health

I am a certified holistic psychiatrist that teaches a spiritual based mental health discipline. I focus on natural healing techniques that promote the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Through an emphasis on breathwork, and other natural healing techniques I help my patients feel empowered to overcome their programming, conditioning, and traumas so that they can realize the greatness that lies within themselves.

The Spiritual Guide to Mental Health by Samuel Lee M.D., is a living example of how the vast practical science of Divine Spiritual Wisdom supports and accelerates the process of healing mental and emotional imbalances at their root without any negative side effects. Dr. Lee's unique ability to apply this ancient yet relevant wisdom to the complex field of mental health opens new doors for unparalleled healing in our modern world."
— Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

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Have you or a loved one ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition? Are you looking for a new way of treating your condition and get to the root causes of what you are experiencing? Do you feel like you were meant for something bigger? In his free new book, "The Spiritual Guide to Mental Health", psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Lee provides powerful tools that actually treat the root cause of what you're experiencing rather than band-aiding symptoms.

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Dr. Lee's Programs to Beat Depression and Achieve Rapid Self Realization

Dr. Lee has developed specialized Spiritual Mental Health Programs to help his students get at the root of their problems and live more purposeful lives. His programs Rapid Self Realization and 21 Days to Kick Depression provide students with structured and easy to follow programs to transform their lives.

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